Post-Graduate Year

What do you need to be successful in college? A strong level of independence. The ability to manage time well and to prioritize efficiently. Effective communication skills. The confidence to self-advocate. A clear sense of ethics and responsibility to the world around you. An understanding of where your passions and talents lie and intersect. Solebury grows and cultivates these skills, so that by senior year our students are ready to soar at college and beyond. However, for some seniors who have recently joined our community, or for those who attended high school elsewhere, a post-graduate year can make all the difference between being able to attend and/or be successful at the college of their choice.

Solebury is proud to offer a PG program that can give students the extra boost they need to thrive in college. Our goal is to craft an individualized experience that fulfills your needs. You can:

  • Board at Solebury, a true “mini-college” experience. Get up and off to classes on your own, do your own laundry, live with a roommate, etc.
  • Choose classes from our diverse offerings. Take more AP or Honors courses, pick from nearly 100 electives to explore a field you're interested in, or round out your transcript with a deep-dive into one or more disciplines.
  • Take a class through our partner university, Delaware Valley University, for an introduction of what colleges courses are like.
  • Complete an internship to try out a possible future career.
  • Travel. Spend a month at one of our exchange schools in Switzerland or Spain or see the world through one of the international trips we offer each year.
  • Complete an independent study with one of our faculty in an area of significant interest.

As a post-graduate student, our College Counselor will guide you through the application process. Our counselor writes letters of recommendation, helps manage deadlines, provides guidance on essays and applications, and uses his expertise and connections to help find the college that is perfect for you!

Note about Athletics: Solebury School’s athletic league does not allow PG’s to play in league contests, and Pennsylvania State law prohibits students from participating in athletics if they turn 19 prior to the start of the PG school year. Many of Solebury’s teams play substantive non-league schedules where PG students can participate.